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Unleash Your Beauty Diva

About Us

​LaToya owner of Divas Hair Salon is a leading expert in the hair industry with over 20 years experience.   Her salon is based in Long Island New York, and specializes in all ethnicity of hair types and hair care.   Her unique and passionate expertise ranges from color, cuts, styles, braids, weaving, and wig designs.   Also known as Toya, has debuted her talents and skills as a hair stylist at photo shoots and the catwalks, working with Fashionista Magazine photographer, New York Fashion Week, and Brooklyn Fashion Week.   With a vast clientele, Toya strongly believes in client satisfaction, she takes pride and the time to ensure that each client is happy with their Beauty Diva...  Also, with the evolution of the hair industry and hair extensions Toya's passion for her client and incorporating haircare into their "Beauty Diva" regime,  blossomed into the creation of her  product line "Divas Revitalize, Restore, Regrow".  Designed and formulated in mind of treating the client's hair stemming from it's foundation, which is the scalp.  So if your preference is to let it flow all natural or spruce it up a little with extensions, Divas can help you "Revitalize, Restore, Regrow"  

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